Students, Internet and Cyber Safety- A short survey

I am extremely fond of online gaming and social media like facebook and tik tok. I spend most of my free time up to late in the night on internet. Ms. Priyanka Tomar madam visited our school to deliver a session on “cyber crime and security”. I am extremely thankful that she came to our school and shared real social media incidences and cyber safety issues with students. It was eye-opener session for all students.

We were asked to complete a task on “social media and internet habits” by Ms. Priyanka Tomar madam. Eagerly I volunteered and here I am sharing the details and my learning also.

She gave us following questioner to complete-

1. Do I accept each friendship request over face book we receive?
2. Do I browse the profile of person before accepting the friendship request?
3. Do I share our personal information over social media?
4. Do I share our personal information with unknown friends over face book?
5. Do I share about our online activities with our teachers on friends?
6. Did I ever face cyber bullying ?
7. Do we share our photographs on social media with everyone?
8. Do I get depress if we don’t get maximum number of likes on our post or video?
9. Do I feel good, if my followers are more than my friend’s?
10. How many hours we spend on dancing and video making app like Tik Tok?

Student’s response for question number 1 to 9 –

Each student of the class replied “YES” in response to question number one to seven.

Student’s response for question number 10-

Average time spent by students on social media like facebook, tik tok and other dance and video making apps is 2 to 3 hrs each day after school hours.

Result of the cyber crime and security survey-

Students are highly vulnerable to social media cyber crime issues and they need to be imparted some basic do and don’t so that they can protect themselves from the cyber crime cases happening against children and if anyone is victim then he/she must know what to do, whom to talk or report the matter.

Cyber Safety for Students
Cyber Safety for Students

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