Social Media and its Impact on Personal Relations

Social media has connected us globally but at the same time we are being drifted apart from our loved ones. Social media is a collection of various technologies, platform, applications that allows us to share photos videos, promote events etc. Nowadays, when we are living in digital world and heavily dependent upon digital devices and internet for office and personal work. Moreover my grandmother uses social media like watsapp to connect with us, to share images or sometime for video call. When I go out for movie or shopping or out of city during vacations, I share my photographs and videos with my friends. Our teachers share our progress report and good work on social media to encourage us.

At the same time, social media brings negativity in our lives –

As per leading newspapers reports, students are facing identity crisis and they become victim of depression. Even cyber bullying is a rising cyber crime among students and students are unaware that it is punishable offence. It highly depends upon how do we use social media applications, what type of content we share. Sometime because of inappropriate content sharing it affects our relationship, there can be misunderstanding between friends and close relatives.

Let’s us understand it by using an example of Birthday. Facebook send us notifications if there is a birthday of our friend or relative. One way it is good because if we have forgotten then it is reminding us. But it is bad when we wish them over Facebook only and never make any attempt to wish them personally by making phone call or meeting them. So Birthday celebration becomes more of a ritual rather real celebration. We should go to our friend’s place or relatives place, meet him or her, make her happy, do something for her which she likes. This action will bring us more closer and emotional bonding will grow.

Human is a social animal, so he needs people to interact with or to share happy and sad moments with close people otherwise what is need of friends or relatives. Exchanging gifts, sharing good and bad moments in person, and knowing what is happening in our lives contributes in being more close, more sensitive to each other needs, be supportive to each other. But this social media has drifted apart this real bonding which our grandparents nurtured and inculcated in us.

School children are becoming victim of depression.To get rid of social media is a very big challenge for many people, they have become addicted to it and take medical help also.

If you disagree with my point of view, we may try one small experiment. Let’s stay aloof for two days, during these two days don’t talk to anyone, don’t meet anyone and be active on social media 24×7. And note your mental health before and after the experiment.

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