Is your email secure (Email Security)

Email is a handy and easy way to do business, to communicate with colleagues, friends. Nowadays schools have adopted high tech and modern technologies and schools are digitizing their work up to great extent. Whether it is something related to homework, notice or newsletter teachers communicate with their students via email. As per research findings, 91% cyber-attacks with email and popular methodology adopted by cyber criminals include spear phishing and whaling. Every day, we all get spam emails, which contain links to malware, trojans or to malicious websites which redirects us to some fake web page. Students because they are the easy and soft target for cyber criminals.

Tips for Email Security for students-

  • Use strong and separate passwords for different accounts.
  • Password must contain having alpha numeric combination, though passwords can be stolen from your service provider or from your own devices.
  • Never share your password with anyone.
  • To safeguard your password, use Two-factor authentication (Define and link) for all email accounts or at least on all important email ids to safeguard your data. If cyber criminals have access to your password they will not be able to use because of two way authentication.
  • In case of any threat or doubt talk to your school teacher or parents.
  • Manage apps that have access to your email id. For this go to settings section in your device and allow or deny the permission.
  • Never give your email id access to any less secure app.
  • Update your browser.
  • Update your operating system.
  • Delete or uninstall apps which you don’t use.
  • Never reply to suspicious emails, or webpages, that ask for your personal or financial information.
  • Make sure to check whether email is fake or genuine.

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