How students can protect their identities online (Cyber Security Awareness)

Identity theft is a very popular cyber crime, and students are at risk because of cyber security unawareness.

What is identity theft?

Cyber criminals steal your identity to commit crimes, this information can be your personal data like name, address, date of birth, email ids, usernames, passwords, banking information, credit card numbers etc.

Your personal information can be misused for impersonation or carrying out any online attack by cyber criminals.

protect identities online

Be alert if-

Some unknown person pressurizes you to reveal some of your personal information like date of birth, address, banking details etc., be careful. He or she may be a cyber criminal. Never reveal your personal information to anyone.

If you receive email-

You have won the lottery!. Never trust these emails. These are absolute fraudulent emails.

I am your father’s friend or your mother’s friend etc. and I am stuck in some country or lost money at some unknown place so I need your help urgently. Always cross check before you take action to help or decide to give money because these emails are not genuine and person’s only intention is to get money from you.

I am mentioning some cyber security tips which must be followed to keep your identity safe online.

  • Social media is public therefore never share your personal information– for example, phone numbers, address, date of birth,vacation location.
  • Regularly update anti virus and internet protection software.
  • Use strong passwords having combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters.
  • Avoid use of public wi-fi.
  • Apply privacy settings available on social media websites life facebook, twitter etc.
  • Be careful of phishing messages and emails.


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