An interactive session on Industry 5.0 Analytics with respect to blockchain and cyber security organized by Christ University

We all are aware that due to technological advancement there are no boundaries and limitations to work on 24×7 basis. Along with the ease of doing businesses, there are some complexities  as well especially cyber threat related problems which are increasing day by day. Block chain concept is applicable to each field irrespective of the industry type. You name the sector and blockchain is helpful in that somehow such as Health, Finance, Governance, Education, Power, Security, Supplychain.

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Detailed discussion on blockchain, cybersecurity, analytics using ai


Session on Darknet & Investigation for Narcotics Control Bureau
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Conducted a detailed and interactive session for NCB, topics covered were – what is Darknet, Onion Routing(TOR), Setting up and accessing Darknet for Police Use, Precautions while accessing Darknet, Underground Marketplaces, Investigation Methodology and Darknet Case Studies.

Darknet investigation
Session on Darknet & Investigation for Narcotics Control Bureau
#cybercrime #ai #investigation #forensics


Session on Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security – Practical Instances organized by J C Bose University, Faridabad, Haryana 

Discussed key points were how can we leverage AI in the field of cybersecurity and cybercrime? How can Artificial intelligence help in  speech recognition, problem-solving, learning and planning, chess-playing computers to self-driving cars, voice assistants (alexa, siri etc), image recognition for face unlock in mobile phones, and ML-based financial fraud detection etc.  Artificial Intelligence can be of tremendous use for the advancement of many readymade applications such as automated stock trading, by default Two factor authorization, zero  trust mechanisms  for devices, file less malware detection etc.

J C Bose University
Session on Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security -J C Bose University


Webinar on Cyber Crime & Preventive Measures

Organiser- Shivaji College, Delhi University