Cyber Security Basics for professionals and small organizations (Cyber Security Awareness)

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Cyber Security Basics- Few important steps must be followed professionals and small organization irrespective of their nature of business:

Normally cyber attack or data theft incidences never happen all of sudden or within few days of time. It is time taking process even for cybercriminals or hackers.  Therefore we all need to adhere to cyber security basics or cyber hygiene and accordingly progress towards advance cyber security measures.

  1. Fix some budget for cyber security every year.
  2. Teach cyber hygiene to your people/employees/staff. They must be aware of basic cyber security related terminologies.
  3. Organize cyber hygiene mocks to check whether their knowledge is theoretic or they can implement the leanings.
  4. Your IT team must include at least one cyber security expert and his/her suggestions must be implemented within the organization.
  5. Maintain IT infrastructure inventory.
  6. Maintain hardware and software configurations in a separate document.
  7. Maintain network connections details such as how many system are connected, kind of permissions they have.
  8. Prepare cyber security policy as per your IT infrastructure.
  9. Permission of USB, document access, computer access must be granted as per requirement.
  10. Must have password policy and ensure two factor authentications.
  11. Categorize data and keep records of data such as what is confidential, what is important, what is shared with whom and why
  12. Must have backup strategy in place and make sure to implement it.
  13. Never neglect to protect the backup.
  14. Prepare incident response and crisis management plan.
  15. Updating/patching of the hardware and software must be done timely.
  16. Develop and maintain a cyber hygiene culture not only in your organization but at your home also. And never miss to implement cyber security measures on your personal devices such as mobile phone, iPad, tablet etc.

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