Cyber Crime & Cyber Security Popular Terminology (Cyber Security Awareness)

Cyber Crime

Criminal activities done by individual or group to harm any one or group or organization where computer, smart phones, iPad or any other digital devices have been used to commit the crime or to mentally harass(cyber bullying, cyber stalking etc.). In cyber crime computer or computer network or smart phones can be the weapon to commit the crime and at the same time these devices can be the cyber criminal’s target.

Cyber Security

Security practices which are carried out cyber security experts to protect digital devices like computer, computer networks, smart phones, iPad etc. These security practices may include usage of hardware devices and software also so that unauthorized access to devices and organization can be stopped and data can be protected from going into wrong hands.

Phishing Email

Phishing is a type of cyber crime wherein cyber criminals try to steal user’s personal information, email credentials or banking credentials by posing as a trusted person. Sometimes they offer very lucrative offers like you won the prize or they may show some urgency also so that you open the email sent by them and perform the action asked by them. Phishing emails are not personalized rather they are sent to many people.

Spear Phishing

In spear phishing cyber criminals target the individual and send very personalized email and lure the targeted person to share the sensitive information.


It is the short form of sms phishing. In this cyber criminals target the victim by send messages and lure them to download some malware or malicious file.


In this type of attack cyber criminals try to gather information via telephone and ask you for OTP or PIN or password.

Email Spoofing

E-mail spoofing is a technique wherein cyber criminals send spam emails to steal the data but they send the email in such a way that it looks like a very legitimate email . They change the sender’s email address and other parts of the email header to appear as though the email was sent by someone known. Cyber criminals hide the original address of email sender.

Cyber Bullying

Bullying or harassment or embarrassing or threatening individual or group by means of digital devices. Children are being victim of cyber bullying. This is a serious cyber crime and have legal implications including punishment.

Cyber Defamation

Defaming a person or tarnishing his/her reputation using digital devices and it is also a punishable offense.

Cyber Stalking

Harassment of any person including children by sending e-mails or messages or on social media. Cyber Stalkers use the internet as a medium to stalk and it includes email hacking.

Cyber Terrorism

Serious form of cyber crime to harm the society and normally these are politically motivated cyber attacks on critical infrastructure of any nation like power grids. Example-Wannacry ransomware attack that affected over 200,000 computers across 150 countries.


It is a malicious software that can include computer viruses, worms, rootkits,Trojan horses and spyware.

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