Covid19 and cyber crimes (Covid19 | Cyber Crime | Cyber Security)

October 10, 2020 | By Priyanka Tomar

covid -19 and cyber crimes
Covid-19, cyber crime and cyber security

Even at the time of covid-19 pandemic, cyber criminals did not sit silent and their illegal activities have increased. Cyber criminals are not sparing anyone, whether he is an ordinary person, a child, a housewife, a businessman, a company or a global organization. Children are having online classes therefore their exposure to cyber world has increased, moreover professionals are still working from home and almost everyone is target of cyber criminals.

I will be writing about major cyber threats or cyber crimes and their preventive measures. If you have any query please feel free to ask a question via Facebook or email.

Major cyber crime incidents happened during Covid-19 pandemic:-

Phishing attacks via emails and messages
Fake coronavirus maps indicating containment zones
QR code scam
OLX frauds
Unsolicited messages having covid-19 related information and malicious weblinks
Malware and spyware on the name of corona virus treatment

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